What could be more gratifying than sharing one’s knowledge with others.
Dear Mateja
Uwe Hoche

I cannot share what I don’t have. There are two things I don’t have and several others to consider:

  1. I’m not an English teacher, I cannot teach others how to write because writing and teaching others how to write are two different things. And I have no interest in it, I was not born to do it and have no talent nor patience needed for it.
  2. I have no time. I’m broke, struggling not to lose my home, surviving on welfare and donations, plus I’ve been injured and am still in recovery. I spend my time trying to build something that would allow me to make a living — to survive. That is taking a majority of my time, and I’m reading books that I want and need to read because they will either help me in my work or help me survive in a spiritual sense. I have plenty of those that are already waiting and no time left for others.
  3. I’m sharing my posts freely, I share what I’ve learned freely through my posts and I publish plenty of those. So I find you telling me how I do not share what I’ve learned insulting, to say the very least.
  4. I’ve learned long ago to set limits. When I have limited resources and time, I would still help those who are dying or in dire need, but not to those to whom I cannot help or who would take the time that I need for myself so that I can survive. Because perhaps I deserve to survive too? Kindness has to have limits or else one turns from a kind person into a victim.
  5. If you need to know more about my situation, read this.
  6. Plus, there are many groups out there that were created for the purpose of giving feedback to writers and are free to everyone, so there is really no need for anyone to ask me to do this, is it?
  7. Last but not least, I do give feedback — I give it to those who care to submit their work to my publication The Rabbit Is In and thus show they care for what I’m trying to do here on Medium (for free!) as well.

I find it mind-boggling that all this is not enough for you, Uwe Hoche, and that you dare to say how I do not share enough of myself for free!