If 1 in 20 people click on their links the way you do, I say the Medium editors are meeting, if not…
J.J Alduey

I wrote NO MORE than 1 to 2 titles at best, meaning, there are days when I check NONE, and that number is far worse with the member-only content, where I find nothing of interest at all and I’m paying for that.

And what else is Medium doing but offering headlines for us to chose from?! The main difference between the major outlets and Medium is that Medium doesn’t pay the writers whose stories it uses to built its popularity for free, while major media outlets actually do pay people to write for them.

Besides, as In said, and I repeat, I’m not here for the curated content. We should all be our own editors and have the ability to pay the writers instead of handing over that right to Medium team only. That’s what bothers me most. I do not need a middle man to make such decisions for me. If Medium took a percentage of what WE choose to pay writers, I’d be fine with that.

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