I admit I order digital in most cases but there are special situations I would also like the hard…
Mariah Adams

Mariah Adams I’ve just received and email from Lulu telling me they have only now shipped the proof copy even though I ordered it a week ago. Given how slow they are, and given that it will take another two weeks before it arrives, and god knows how long it will take them after I order additional copies to print and ship those, I suggest we go with the Amazon’s version. Lulu could take months.

I’m happy with how Amazon’s version looks and from what I heard from the other authors, there is not much difference in printing between Amazon, Lulu, and other major distributors.

So if you are OK with that, I could order the book from Amazon UK, have it here in a about 12 days, and then ship the signed copies to you asap. That would take about 3 to 4 weeks for you receive them. The cost for two books including shipping, if delivered to the same address in one package, would be about 33 Euros (not exact number, because the postage depends on the weight, but that’s what I expect). The cost for one book including shipping would be 21.85 Euros (exact number based on how much the shipping cost when I sent you the first copy).

Let me know what you think. Thanks :).

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