I’m under no illusions about how reads and recommends influence Medium’s content purchasing, though…
J.J Alduey

Well, my point was that I’m getting more for free here than for my membership. Also, I never said Medium doesn’t deserve and need support, what I said is that this is not the way to do this. At all.

I categorically reject the editor based content selection. I don’t mind that as a minor part of the Medium experience, but I certainly do not want to have that as a major focal point of my membership. There are countless other places where I can have that and that’s not what I’m willing to pay for.

What I want is something I cannot get anywhere else and, sadly, Medium is so self-centered right now that it fails to recognize where the big opportunity lies. I want to be the editor of my own content! I want to actually see the posts of people I follow, I want to donate directly to those I want to support.

I crave the ultimate custom-made experience I cannot get anywhere else!

How can Your Friends @ Medium and Medium Staff be so blind to fail to see that?!

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