Sorry you’ve had bad things happen to you, but shit happens and you’ve got to carry on.
John Prince

Yes, John Prince, I do — for a starter, we need to start looking for the solution and not hoping that this will just go away on its own accord. This is what the people and countries prior to the WWII did in the face of Nazis and their madness. Waiting didn’t work out well then, did it, it only made matters worse and harder to deal with later on. So waiting any longer would be the worst possible option.

Start looking for what you can do, given your situation and where your are, raise your voice, speak up against the unacceptable, intervene when there is a need to do so. DO SOMETHING don’t just stand there saying how there is noting we can do. Start looking for solutions, human beings have the ability to solve problems, well, this is the one we desperately need to solve.

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