SuperMeditor Feedback Response
Lincoln W Daniel

You need to start doing survey, you absolutely must do that, it’s a basic startup approach that should never be avoided when you are developing a new product. You have all our contacts, start sending out surveys. To base everything on the opinion of one single author and editor (you) or two (you and me) would be a grave mistake. You need to know who your broadly applicable persona is. Send out a survey, I suggest Typeform, The Mission (Chad Grills & Stephanie Postles) is using it and I started using it after I found it there. It is lovely and easy to use. I just wish the Mission, by the way, would respond to submissions, but I guess they are one of those publications that receive hundreds of emails per day and so it is really hard to get their attention.

Also, how do I get added to Mark Growth? Would sending a request through Mark Growth suffice?