Communication Magic


Communication magic. Communication, ok. Why magic?

Imagine a magician, doing a magic trick. He does something with his hands, his body or says something and voila there is an instant transformation, a move, a change as if by some magical, supernatural power.

The observer might be surprised and confused, but the magician knows something more, he knows that even magic requires knowledge and a structured process.

Communication can be like magic too. It can create wonder and change. And we can be like the magician, who knows, that it is not really magic, its not supernatural, but it is knowledge and a structured process which lies behind it and is invisible.

I read a quote once that might resonate with you:

‘The only good reason to give a speech is to change the world.’


We can change the world in many different ways, but the most advanced technology on this planet allows us to create clear and precise Thinking, beautiful Relationships and can create the passion for development of our full Inner potential, which helps us all to create a better experience of life for ourself and for others.

This technology is called communication. And i call it technology, because we use knowledge and a process for practical purpose.

What is the purpose?

Communication is a process, where we express whatever is inside of us for others to see, hear or feel. Why do we do that? The word already says it, to commune, communicate, to bring people together, to share possesions or responsibilities, or simply put, to get what we want.

‘The meaning of our communication is the response that we get.’

How do we get the response that we want?

What do we want?

I know for myself. I want to help others make changes in their life so they can be effective and feel better.

But how do i get this response? With a magic trick!

A magic trick, that helps people think. That helps people get in contact with the inner most deep structure of their experiences.

It is the magic power of questioning.

Being curious about WHAT and HOW people think.

Why should we be curious about others?

I invite you to imagine a ballon. Do you see a picture of an air ballon, a child holding a ballon or a soccer ball? The french call it ballon.

Everyone has their own internal response to the word ballon. But not just this word, but every other word as well. And this is how we interact with the world. We dont function directly to the world, but through our mental maps, especially feelings and interpretation.

To be more efective and feel better, these maps need updating and the easiest way to do it is to get to know them.

How do we get to know them? By asking!

But there is another Magic Trick and you all know it.

Listening. And what do we listen for?

Let me give an example

It could be just words they use, like Generalizations- when they say: everyone is afraid of public speaking or i have to loose weight. We also listen for the deletions people make- like no one cares about me, or this car is the best. You probably know the questions to ask for these examples to help people think, like, do you know someone that is not afraid of public speaking, or what would happen if you did not lose weight?

There is a special kind of structure, which is harder to notice. Its Distortion. Distortion of our experiences. Its wonderful, It helps artists create, engineers design. Distortion also helps people to feel bad or unable to communicate effectively.

We make meanings, change is hard we say or give other people power over our emotions when we say that other people make us feel bad or falsely read other peoples minds and say that we know exactly what other people are thinking.

What questions would you ask to change these Distortions?

The examples i gave are natural mechanisms of our mind. We all do this. And to improve our well being and our communication, we have to challenge these meanings and structures.


By having the technology of cummunication, the knowledge, knowing the structure, listening and asking the right questions we can create wonder, create magic and change the world, change the inner world.

I think that Its the only world that really needs changing.

And we can all do it with our communication magic.