Where does stress, anxiety, insecurity, fear, uncertainty, wisdom, clarity, calmness, love, contentment come from?

The popular belief is, that these states of mind are caused by outside circumstances, other people or situations.

In a stressful environment we get stressed and in nature, we calm down. On the exam we are stressed, in the pub we are happy. Alone we are insecure, with a partner we are in love. When busy with a deadline we are worried and anxious, when on vacation calm and content, etc..

This is very common since we live in a world of cause and effect and in a world, where we think that our psychology works from the same principles as physics.

Obviously, in a world that works this way, it is normal that difficult situations cause mental distress and nature causes relaxation.

But, we have probably also had some experience in our life, where a seemingly difficult and stressful situation, we were calm, clear and able to respond with instinct and wisdom. Or we might know someone that reacted very differently to a situation then we did.

We usually dismiss these situations as very unlikely exceptions and lucky coincidences. Or we say that certain people have the right predispositions for certain jobs and circumstances.

Mostly we decide our life paths by considering our easiest, we say, ‘natural tendencies and preferences,’ our past experiences and habits, upbringings.
But we also know people that strive for new things that they are not comfortable with. They are always looking for new challenges and new perspectives. And they seem to be just as happy with their life.

How can this be?

How much of an effect does the world really have on our experience of life?

Are our states of mind really caused by outside circumstances?

There is something that we are not seeing. There is a missing link between the world and our experience of the world.

Because we are mostly missing this link, we are acting as victims of our circumstances, victims of life, victims of other people. Therefore we try to control as much of it as possible and manage our lives to lessen the impact it seemingly has on us.

No matter how good we are in this game, we can never really win.

We can never win this game because we are looking for a solution in the wrong place. We are directing our attention to the outside, to things, people, the environment to solve our inner states of mind. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not. We are using the same understanding that is causing the problem to solve it.

We are trying to change and manipulate things out there, to solve what is going on in here. If the world impacts us in a negative way, it also impacts us in the positive right?

We know that this is not true. When looking at others in a more objective way we see, that our experiences of life situations are very unique. The same situation. Many different reactions. Even people that talk about the situation with the same words, there is a big chance that these words are represented very differently and uniquely in their own psychology.

Our experience of life is created only one way, by thought and feeling.

We feel what we think and not the world.

Our feelings are always an interpretation of what is going on out there. We don’t feel other people or situations. We feel the reactions to thoughts about the outside circumstances.

This fact of the human experience has great potential for us personally and also collectively. If there is always the possibility to think differently, we can always feel differently about anything.

When we can feel differently about anything we live in an inside-out world. In a world where our experience is generated moment by moment from the life force within, through the power of thought and consciousness.

How can this be the solution?

The realization that the world has no absolute hold over us frees us up to the moment. It awakens us to the clarity and well being that we are and connects us to the innate wisdom and infinite creative potential.

From this place within, we are usually more productive, effective, loving, compassionate, content and wise to solve whatever challenges life brings. We are more present with what is and ready to respond freshly to what is with new ideas, new thoughts, and feelings.

— -

Dr. Matej Miklavec is a transformational life coach. He helps people from many different walks of life to get deeper in touch with their essential nature. So they can find more clarity and well being and live a content life regardles of their circumstances while still being fully active and pursuing their interests.
His professional background is from mechanical engineering. In the field of high-load mechanical components for the automotive industry where he designed state of the art hybrid mechanical products.

During a difficult part of his life, going through high stress, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and constant mental frustration, he experienced a big emotional discharge by visiting a healer. That experience was the beginning of a large realization that he can also feel and not just think. This realization clearly revealed the connection between thinking and feeling and where his moods really come from. This opened up a different inner world to him. A world of peace, contentment, understanding, feeling, and a different way of life.

His interests changed and he went on a search of understanding of his experience through many different methods. Finally he came in contact with a field that connects psychology and spirituality called The Three principles and the field of Non-duality which help point back to his first experience and what he had been searching for to deepen this realisation and understanding.

Today he is coaching individuals and teams to create new learning, performance and contentment in their personal and collective lives.

tel.: +386 (0)68 684 064