Simple Thought

One direction is success, the other is failure, but the life is here and now

We are living in a fast world. The one which is trying to make us want everything except what we already have. We are told to want friends, partners, money, fame and all the material possessions available.

Truth is all we need is already all around us. Basic food to eat, clean water to drink and air to breath.

To develop greed we just need to add one more ingredient. Lack of appreciation for what we have.

Unfortunately this is what happened in minds of many people I know.

I definitely won’t talk about how bad greedy people are, for one very simple reason. I don’t believe in pure evil. I have faith in people and I am not afraid to argue for goodness of soul inside all of us.

Some of us just never received a chance to experience and understand why good is good.

Then there are some, who understand what is good, they just don’t know why should they care. They don’t see the influence of every being including themselves. They don’t see the value of their souls.

Again to avoid misunderstanding I repeat — I will never say one is better then the other, but I strongly believe, that all the actions matters.

Once you’ll understand why everything you do truly matter, there is no reason to not follow your heart and to not focus on your inner virtues the best way you possibly can.

No need to be hard on yourself, no need to be too easy. The balance is always the way. The world balance itself, the universe does. If you are not willing to find the balance yourself, life will do it for you and it doesn’t care if you want it.

It’s never too late to start, just don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid what other people will think of you, they are probably thinking about their own flaws. Some people are judging, it doesn’t matter it’s their problem. Let them find their peace.

I will always be grateful for what is, because there is nothing else. I am very happy to live the life i do. I am enjoying this feeling of being alive so much I have no interest in causing any negative influence. I am living life where I have the chance to appreciate the beauty. I am living the life where I was given the chance to overcome my mind. Thanks life I was able to find my soul.

Love Peace and Happiness