ETHParis 2019— Quorum Bounties

Bonjour la communauté! Quorum has bounties for ETHParis.

The Quorum team is on a mission to help projects that address privacy, performance and public/private integrations using Quorum’s permissioned version of Go Ethereum. Come chat with us about Quorum in general, how to get started, and/ or how to improve that Quorum DApp, tool and/or API you’re buidling.

We had quite the event at ETHDenver and are looking forward to the same energy and momentum that Ethereum ecosystem is notorious for. The amount of developer interest, well-developed projects, and general excitement had us book flights in a hurry — making sure not to miss this.

Moving forward — here are the bounties:

We’d love to see more tools, APIs and/or DApps built on top of Quorum. The Quorum team will be releasing a few bounties to the ETHParis community searching for the best Quorum projects tackling the following challenges:

Privacy — Prize: $1,000

Best use of Quorum’s privacy features

High Performance — Prize: $1,000

Best use of Quorum’s fast transaction and throughput

Private/Public Chain — Prize: $1,000

Best use of tools and protocols from public Ethereum on Quorum (e.g. MetaMask, Truffle, 0x, Dharma Protocol, etc.)

— — —

What kind of projects are we looking for?

You’re probably wondering what to build with Quorum…Here are a few hackathon ideas for DApps, APIs, and/or tools with our Product Roadmap in mind. However, feel free to shock and awe our team with something out of the box for ETHParis — go “fou” (crazy; in French) as they say!

  • Extend MetaMask to support Quorum private transactions transaction signing through a hardware wallet (e.g. Trezor, Ledger)
  • Build a bridge between Quorum and public ETH, allowing you to transfer assets between the two or reference assets across the two
  • Build a Governance DApp that allows you to add/remove new parties parties from a Quorum network
  • Want to suggest something? Reach out on Slack: @Matt_Quorum

What was built at ETHDenver?

For those that are familiar with Quorum:

We have recently released Quorum v2.2.1, Tessera v.08, and Quorum.JS now being the official web3 extension.

For those who aren’t too familiar with Quorum:

Quorum is a permissioned version of Ethereum built for enterprise. As an open source fork of the Go Ethereum (a.k.a. geth) client for the Ethereum protocol it is ideal for any application requiring high speed and high throughput of private transactions within a permissioned group of known participants.

Addressing specific challenges facing blockchain technology adoption within enterprises, Quorum supports both transaction-level privacy and network-wide transparency, and is customizable to business requirements.

The primary features of Quorum (extensions from Ethereum):

  • Transaction and contract privacy
  • Multiple voting-based consensus mechanisms
  • Network/Peer permissions management
  • Higher performance

Quorum currently includes the following components:

  • Quorum Node (modified Geth Client)
  • Constellation/Tessera — Transaction Manager
  • Constellation/Tessera — Enclave

With this in mind, some of the many use-cases and applications using Quorum have been Microsoft/ EY’s management of video game royalties, Synapitc Healthcare Alliance’s healthcare data management, and even J.P. Morgan’s tokenization of gold bars.

You can get started here:


Matt Wright

Community Manager, Quorum

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