Reasonable Doubt

My journey from undoubting faith to disbelief, in four acts

Photo by Jussara Romão on Unsplash

A tall, slender man turns his mule off the main road. He rides down an inner track before turning onto a dirt path. His mule grunts with familiarity as they pass field after field; fields bearing fruits and vegetables that Jamaicans have lived off for decades since they were taken from Africa. Bananas, oranges, yams, breadfruit, pawpaw, and others burst from the ground bringing news of a successful harvest.

The man, William Case, only in his mid-twenties but a full grown man all the same, stops in front of a piece of land, tying his mule to a wooden post…


Should I have spoken up when my teammates used that word?

Credit: Flying Colours Ltd/Photodisc/Getty

Man, I was tired. Tired from running up and down soccer fields in Poughkeepsie like a madman, chasing boy after boy, ball after ball. I was 13, and it was my ability to run, paired with unrestrained aggression, that had earned me a spot on the team. But on that day — during a tournament in upstate New York — I wasn’t used solely as the boy to run and get the ball. On that day, I set plays, I did my best to make sure we did more attacking than defending, I slaved out there in the hot sun…

“The most dangerous thing a person of color can do is forget they’re a a person of color — especially in unfamiliar places”

Illustration: Richard A. Chance

Mateo Askaripour

Author of BLACK BUCK (HMH, 2021). I just want you to be free in whatever way free means to you. Pre-order my debut novel: | @askmateo

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