The Beginning of the End

Today it is midsummer here in Sweden, which marks the celebration around the longest day of the year. From now on, the days will start getting shorter until December 21st, the shortest day of the year. The irony is that summer has only just began, and the daylight is already vanishing.

It is quite simple to make the analogy between a year and a lifetime: midsummer can is nothing more than our midlife point. So is this a call to those over 40 that life is over, that things are going worsen slightly until the bitter end?

Absolutely not. It is at midsummer when we begin to embrace the the season to its fullest. Nature is in full splendour and we begin to embrace those that surround us.

Midsummer might not seem like the beginning of the end, although this is technically true. Midsummer is the start of the summer, when we are not as limited by climate and we are invited to explore the world around us.

The beginning of the end is nothing more than just an invitation to enjoy life to its fullest.