Trump Is Not The Problem Trump Voters Are The Problem
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Actually I’ve kinda enjoyed your “progression of the ideas”, James, and agreed, it all seems to converge at the same place you’ve just described.

So what to do…is it an issue of improving these folks “self esteem”, assuming that’s even do-able? And that’s before we even get to the ingrained ‘cultural’ habits of a group who’ve historically often carried a ‘yuge’ chip on their shoulder to begin with.

But IMHO these folks have always been around anyway, sorta like the biblical saying, that “the poor you will always have with you”. But as a country we used to succeed in at least keeping ’em “occupied” via relatively unskilled, yet decent-paying domestic manufacturing jobs. And of course the C.O.L. has been going up, at the same time those jobs have been rapidly departing or at best being replaced with automation instead of humans, now faced with few local options besides the military or low-paying “service jobs”. Also Brexit, Putin, Duterete and others are arguably just variations on the same issue, and an early warning… namely, what to do with all the domestic jobs increasingly lost to Tech, Globalism and the growing Information Economy… especially when you have a massive constituency already lacking the skills, or aptitude for such changes?

And BTW, dunno that a proposed Universal Basic Income (UBI) would do much, at least in the absence of providing folks with any replaced sense of “meaning”…other than giving these same cranky and ‘entitled' individuals more time on their hands, to further vent their ‘frustrations’?!

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