It isn’t safe to say, because it isn’t accurate.
Shingai Samudzi

Ah, the myth that Argentina had a “pre-existing culture of socialism”? Or maybe ‘ya never heard of Juan & Evita Perón (and arguably the current ‘role models’ for Donald & Melania Trump)! ;-p

Forbes- Perón’s Legacy: Inflation In Argentina & Institutionalized Fraud
From his experience as a military attaché in Italy under Mussolini, Perón viewed fascist corporatism as a useful method of social organization, and a significant portion of the funding of his economic reforms and social programs was concealed from the Argentine people.
The organization of the Argentine society into corporations with strong political power that only care about their own sectoral interest was one of Perón’s fundamental legacies; one that would constitute the root of inflationary pressures in Argentina to this day.
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