Well, for the most prominent example, see what happened when Europe abandoned common sense in favor…
Rüdiger Thiede

Ah thx… I see the POV now. Of course by that ‘definition’, nowadays damn near everything that libs and conservs disagree on, must seem like a matter of “commonsense” vs “leftist platitudes” (aka, “PC”)?!

Especially with such a long list of ‘threats’ to “self-preservation” (muzlims, illegals, mezkins, black ‘thugs’, welfare queens, godless atheists, lib-ruls, edumacated elites, city slickers, homa-sek-chules, abortionists, hippies, femi-nazis, environmentalists, commies, socialists, the Illuminati… and of course behind it all, ‘da joos)!

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