How To Start A Fight
Robert Solley

As a ‘veteran’ of many marriage and couples counseling sessions, I must say “caveat emptor”, as there really is no ‘standard’, and every counselor seems to have their own “schtick”.

Sure, therapists all talk a good game and think they know the ‘answers’. But just to quote some sobering statistics according to a NY Times survey a few years ago… of the couples surveyed who sought marriage counseling, aprox. 40% ended in divorce, plus over a quarter of the relationships actually got even worse following the counseling!

And speaking from experience, let’s just say that despite thousands of dollars in fees, and trying numerous different counseling ‘approaches’ and counselors (including the esteemed Dr. Gottman, who was also easily the most expensive of the bunch), obviously my ‘ex’ and I still ended up in the latter category. So no matter how impressive their ‘research’ or what anyone tells ‘ya, they still don’t have relationships down to a “science”, at least quite yet. ;-p

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