The Drawbacks Of Knowing You’re Smart
Duke Harten

As noted, there are lotsa different types of “intelligence” so dunno that a high IQ necessarily equates with greater “awareness” (of self or otherwise). For example, have known some extremely bright individuals, who were also pretty clueless in picking up on the subtleties of interpersonal communication, and even their own emotional life. Though as another commenter mentioned, bright folks are also often more attracted to ‘drugs’, mostly because they have a much higher appetite for ‘novelty’.

And simply speaking personally, let’s just say that I do pretty well on ‘tests’, and have never for a moment regretted the gifts that nature and heredity have bestowed on me. On the contrary, it’s given me a special appreciation for developmentally handicapped friends, who basically share all the same drives and ‘awareness’ as the rest of us, albeit viewed thru busted “equipment” (aka, “through a glass darkly”).

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