Have you ever had bedbugs?

C’mon, we’re obviously not talking about used ‘mattresses’ here. Though my ‘dismissive’ attitude might come from the sense that ironically it’s often the other way around… that the whole idea of “used” is totally verbotten to some folks, and ‘new’ is always assumed to be ‘better’ (even if it’s made outta sawdust and plastic). Besides, what’s wrong with “recycling”, especially if it’s more interesting and better quality? But yeah, I also get that some folks just wanna have “new”.

BTW, related incident…once invited another couple along to browse a yuge local flea market, that’s also pretty well-known around NorCal for interesting stuff, like the kinda flea mart ‘finds’ you might see on the tv shows. But they both declined the offer, which is fine, though their reason was very interesting… that they had no interest in walking around, “looking at other people’s stuff”?! ;-)

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