It turns my stomach these days to see what three of our very highest performing military leaders…
gregory rush

Dunno, I’m not that surprised that Kelly and co. have swallowed the koolaid, as anyone who’s ever been in the military has certainly met far crazier s.o.b.’s than DJT, and often they seem to get weirder the higher up the command chain you gotta report to!

Douglas MacArthur designed his trademark corncob pipes

The publicity-conscious general personally fashioned his signature look that included his ornate hat, aviator sunglasses and corncob pipe. A long-time cigarette smoker, MacArthur provided the Missouri Meerschaum Company with precise specifications for the deep-bowled, long-stemmed pipe that he used as a distinctive prop during public appearances. The outsized pipe was good for show but difficult to smoke.

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