Read This Before You Judge My Goth Kid
Michelle Kerr

Everybody is usually good at something, and in all of this I see no mention of whatever he might be good at or just plain interested in that could be cultivated to improve his sense of self-esteem (videogames, music, making art, the outdoors, mechanical stuff, what)? ‘Cuz otherwise the only way he seems to define himself is thru his appearance, and how he looks and acts ‘funny’ (with the Goth look just a more advanced version). And even the ‘misfit’ kids usually still manage to find others in class like them (and one of the reasons why the Goths in school hang with each other). So sounds like maybe teaching some basic social skills might be in order, especially to get him outside of himself. And perhaps not the case here, but sometimes folks can feel so starved for attention, that they often attract (and even invite) “negative” attention. Which can also develop into a ‘bad habit’.

Tough stuff in any case. Thanks for ‘splaining, and very best wishes to y’all.

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