I’ve got an inkling as to why people voted for him.
Violet DeTorres

Good points, and it even dovetails nicely with the “Prosperity Gospel” branch of evangelicals, who are convinced that having money and fame is a sign of “God’s Blessing” (although they still probably think it only applies to “people like them”)?!!

And BTW, who should be more susceptible to that and DJT’s wealthy grandiosity than the sorta folks who are already feeling kinda “Left Behind”?

Donald Trump’s Prosperity Preachers — Time Magazine

Fully half of white evangelicals believe Trump would make a good or great president, according to the Pew Research Center. That support is creating an identity crisis for the traditional Christian right, which has historically prized conservative policies above all. Unlike the moral majority leaders of the past 30 years, prosperity preachers don’t just want Americans to be saved. They want them to be successful.

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