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Hmm, I seem to have stumbled on a sensitive spot out there in De Nile?! ;-)

Well, on a more serious note, and whatever the Left’s “sins”, dunno that we’ve been seeing many ‘ideas’ coming outta you folks these days…. only lotsa ‘excuses’ and blaming ‘others’ (you know, the usual ’winger demons.. lib-ruls, fake news, the MSM, vast conspiracies, ‘Da Joos, Illegals, edumacated elites, Atheists, yada-yada…).

C’mon, the GOP controls everything now, so how come nuthin’s getting done?!!

Or is it really as we’re starting to suspect, that all this is just about getting “revenge”…‘cuz when your life feels this bad, whaddaya got to lose, right?

CDC reports: white suicide rates on the rise in US, especially in rural areas

The researchers speculate that the financial crisis, which particularly devastated more rural communities, was a big part of the reason why, but other risks specific to rural areas include more poverty and social isolation, fewer mental health resources, and the prevalence of opioids.

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