My Mother the Trump Voter
Val Perry

I have a neighbor, an 80-some year old farmer, that I frequently chat with about politics, even though he’s a Trumpster and a longtime Republican (which I’m not). And although in most other non-political areas I really respect his experience and knowledge, he still always has the usual bunch of pseudo “facts” (“Hillary killed Vince Foster”, “Obama’s a Muslim”, etc.) to support his pro-Trump arguments. So out of curiosity one day I asked him to email me some of the sources for his political ‘information’.

It turns out that the sheer volume of RW ‘stuff’ he receives is truly amazing, much of it apparently unsolicited, and simply forwarded from other, often unrelated subscriptions to past websites and services that had obtained his email address, sometimes years ago. And to say that the Right has constructed a throughly “alternative” view of the universe is an understatement (and also what they don’t choose to talk about is just as ‘interesting’)!

BizPac: Conservative News You Can Trust!

BTW, here’s an example of how the latest Trump headlines are being played out in conservative and mainstream media

  • CNN — Wash Post: Trump shared highly classified info with Russians
  • MSNBC — Dem congressman calls for impeaching Trump
  • Fox News — Liberals melting down & turning violent, and Trump calling James Comey a ‘nut job’ which is just more red meat for the “opposition press” and haters!
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