The problem is that American ‘Culture’ predominantly consists of Nascar, Football, Fast Food…
Glen Barringer

I hear 'ya, but even that’s just part of a particular culture and set of inherited values of its own, aka “Redneck culture”… just as we have Black, Asian, and also other 'white' cultures (Jews, Italians, Hispanics, etc.). Only difference is that white Redneck culture prefers to think of itself as the “real” 'Murikins (…lol)!

Of course unlike race, gender and ethnicity, folks here get to 'choose' the kinda Culture they wanna remain in (for better or for worse)?!!

Thomas Sowell: Redneck culture to blame for lack of intellectual development

This is not about “blaming the victim.” Nobody can be blamed for the culture he was born into. But neither should he be kept mired in that culture, in the name of “identity”.

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