I’ve read that the southern colonies, particularly North and South Carolina, were populated in…
gregory rush

Interesting you should mention that, and with an expanded ‘motivational’ perspective. Not long ago finished reading “Albion’s Seed” by David Fisher, and “Born Fighting, How the Scots-Irish Shaped America”, by Jim Webb. Both recount the settling of the South and Appalachia early in the colonies, by the Ulster-Scots, as you describe, and Webb in particular details their unique values and essentially warrior culture, heavily shaped by generations of borderlands fighting, going back to the Romans and Hadrian’s Wall.

And of course it’s no coincidence that Trump’s “message” receives his greatest support and ‘resonance’ in the South, as well as from folks since moved elsewhere whom I suspect also have a lot of Southern ‘roots’. In fact I often think that many of today’s issues… God, guns, gays, race, the military, and the craving for a “strong Leader”… are really less about “whites”, than about dealing with a particular ‘culture’ among whites!

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