Thing is, agenda and ability to win elections are inextricably linked.
Alfonso KC

Little disagreement with much of Bernie’s POV, but unfortunately IMHO, he’s not an effective ‘messenger’, let alone a national leader or consensus builder, no matter how many millennials he draws at rallies. Especially when it always seems to end up with folks openly feuding with their own party (even if that party was only a “marriage of convenience” to begin with). Heck, and all this fuss over a guy who can’t even win a Primary election… with or w/o ‘Super Delegates’?!

And that’s before we get to all the gullible Berners we encountered during the election, who sounded no different from any typical Breitbart nut (“Crooked Hillary”, “Bernie was cheated”)! So little wonder the Berners don’t wanna hear about “Russian Interference”… they helped enable it (and we’ve seen Sanders’ own idea of “support”).

But perhaps Sanders & co. would have better luck ‘helping’ the Trumpsters instead (seeing as they already have so much in common anyway)?! ;-p

Bernie Sanders Clarifies Support for Jon Ossoff After Dustup — NBC

Berners are basically Trumpsters. Nothing will dislodge their devotion to their messiah…and they’ll never admit they were gamed.

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