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Nope, Brit. black actors playing African-American parts, isn’t “Scarlett Johannson playing Nina Simone”, anymore than Brit. white actors like say, Pierce Brosnan, an Irishman, playing James Bond, a Welshman (although it still might be an important difference to Brits, even if we don’t care)!

And what other ethnicity goes around making a fetish of being Jewish, Italian, German, Thai, Sioux, Nigerian, whatever… enuff?!

BTW, dunno if you’ve heard the suggestion by conservative black scholar Thomas Sowell, that so-called “black culture” isn’t ‘original’ or even unique anyway, and was actually ‘inherited’ by the slaves from the poor southern white culture of the ante-bellum South.

Black Rednecks and White Liberals
Based on his thesis about the origins of the “black ghetto” culture, Sowell argues that black ghetto culture, which is claimed to be “authentic black culture”, is actually a highly dysfunctional white southern redneck culture which existed during the antebellum South. This culture came, in turn, from the “Cracker culture” of the North Britons and Scots-Irish who migrated from the generally lawless border regions of Britain.

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