Russiagate is still a vast conspiracy theory with no evidence of any “bribery, treason or high…
Caleb Mars

Not surprising to hear, as it’s pretty much the same position as DJT (and Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn and Jared Kushner and Roger Stone and Carter Page and…). But let’s see if Mr. Mueller agrees with y’all, though maybe time for ‘wingers to start developing some better PR besides “nuthin’ to see here” and “fake news”.

The Russia House — Moscow on the Potomac

The Trump Inc. — RussiaGate Historical Timeline, “From the Beginning”

While the investigation is focused on collusion between Trump’s campaign staff and Russia to subvert the elections, the essence of the matter is the business dealings of Trump’s family and associates. The principal actors involved share one thing in common; they had special business connections to Russia beyond their political or military ties. This is the cash nexus that ties them to Trump Inc.

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