AS for Sanders… I can get it… a lot of people, from various sides, have often confused the fact…

“On the other hand Communism failed miserably- mainly because of our (human) natural tendency to be extremely selfish ….”

Well there you have it, just substitute any other “-ism”, and humans being humans, we ultimately still end up with the same problem, no matter how ‘noble’ the intent. And ‘gubmints’ aside, no one’s yet come up with a satisfactory alternative for Capitalism either, which for all its ills, still manages to serve as a useful outlet for all those messy “human” drives, like competition, status, ‘meaning’, selfishness, power, sex, control, you name it. Though you’re right, ultimately no system can last that’s just based on relentless Growth and Consumption.

BTW, thx for the reminder re: the Ottomans and “ancient history”, which we obviously have so little experience with, let alone any memory ‘cuz we’re always so hungry for the “new & improved”. Or as someone once described California, that perennial bellwether of ‘Murikin culture in general…”what unites Californians is the shared belief in the perfectibility of life!

Which is something only a very young, inexperienced, and very naive country would even imagine!

But bottom line, just like flawed jobs, spouses, kids, locales, and indeed anything in life, I can accept flawed systems, and flawed reps… it’s all we got and all we’ll ever have. ‘Cuz IMHO all we modern day folks who take so much for granted now, do so while truly standing on the shoulders of giants, however imperfect they may have been. And we can either make something of what we’ve inherited, or we can piss it all away while waiting for “perfection”.

Or to quote the late, great Muhammad Ali…

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