The Tech Industry Can — and Should — Lead in the Trump Era
Simone Ross

Rather than waiting for the ‘gubmint’, one of the initiatives that I’d love to see in private tech, is a move to get more technology, and indeed the whole socio-economic-and-educational mindset behind it, not just into urban areas, but also into more of these rural little ‘possum hollers’. It could be a massive spread of solar, wind power and other ‘alternative energy’ projects, or simply a nationwide campaign to spread broadband throughout the nation.

And this could easily include training and job opportunities thru local community colleges, in relatively ‘low-tech’ jobs like installers, fabricators and tech support. Which would not only increase local job opportunities, but would also help ‘seed’ these areas with the sorta locals who can effect the much-needed ‘cultural’ and technological change currently lacking among so many of these ‘left-behind’ communities.

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