I’m not spending 20 minutes watching the last video, so I can’t comment on the Anderson Cooper…
Jane Doe, programmer

Only in the wingnut universe is what’s now become the 6th largest economy in the world and one-eighth of U.S. GDP, considered “worse off”. And all that ‘immigration’ contributes over 10% of ‘Kalifornia’s” economy, providing much of the affordable agriculture that feeds the nation… even during the wintertime in Carlson’s chilly digs on the east coast.

And even Fortune magazine, no bastion of liberalism, has called Orange County, “America’s nut country.” Though the only time uber-wealthy La Jolla ever sees any ‘immigrants’ these days is when they come by to manicure either the lawns, or the nails of the ‘entitled’ white gentry. BTW, the local Kumeyaay tribe referred to La Jolla as the “land of holes”, so make of that what you will! ;-p

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