On the floor with Osho: the Transcendental Game of Zen
Kristina Marie Ensminger

‘Osho’ (aka, Shree Rajneesh) was the perfect example of a Narcissistic guru, and not surprisingly, that seems to be the kinda ‘following’ he attracted.

The Sex Guru. When did it go wrong?
Rajneesh was charismatic, smart and cunning, with a hypnotic pull on people. As it turned out, he was also deeply narcissistic, dangerous and willing to exploit vulnerable persons to satisfy his desires.
His bodyguard and his secretary, who both come across as intelligent, but naive persons, tell their versions of what happened. They paid heavy prices for their involvement with the guru: The bodyguard was banished, tried to commit suicide and spent almost a year at a psychiatric hospital trying to claw himself back to a normal life. The secretary spent 3 1/2 years in an American prison. As for the question of when it began to go wrong, they both say that it was there from the start, built into the guru’s flawed personality.