Time to break the cycle of doubt and fear
Mike Meyer

Positive thinking is always best, but dunno that the Trumpsters have simply been driven by “a failure in education and in allowing greed to be made into a virtue”. Especially when almost every indicator points to so many of ’em with desperately unhappy lives, to the point that suicide among underclass white folks has been dramatically increasing. And not to excuse ’em, but desperate people seek desperate measures. So maybe the trouble isn’t so much doubt and fear, or even what to say… as we just haven’t been listening?!

The Despair of Poor White Americans — The Atlantic

But Vance, a self-described conservative who has contributed to National Review, is not offering another lurid saga of hillbilly exploits. He is trying to figure out how things went wrong for his people. “I am a hill person. So is much of America’s white working class,” he writes. “And we hill people aren’t doing very well.”
Whenever people ask me what I’d most like to change about the white working class,” writes Vance, “I say, ‘The feeling that our choices don’t matter.’ “

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