How To Be A Patriot In Modern Day America
Ben Chapman

Problem with the ‘religious’ part, is that the Southern Bible Belt and Evangelical wings of “Christianity” are now so politically active, that their particular “values” are becoming over-represented. And not least of which is their belief in salvation thru Faith, rather than doing good works or behavior. So if folks occasionally fail, it’s no problem as long as one is a ‘sinner’ who is “saved” and still subscribes to the proper ‘dogma’. And this relatively ‘ethics-free’ POV is a major departure from most preceding generations of American Christianity (and popular culture).

Have also felt for a while that liberals in general have never provided sufficient ‘alternatives’ for folks who’ve been increasingly drifting from traditional Christian denominations, but still feel some need for ‘spirituality’ in their lives. Especially when Evangelical conservatives have been only too happy to provide a familiar “substitute” instead, often along with all the “identity politics” and ‘ideology’ that goes with it.

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