Comey Consciousness: Been There, Done That
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

Spot on, and I totally get it… document-document-document…having worked for several years in fed. civil service, where you appreciate a keen nose for ‘politics’, ‘strategic thinking’, and yes, the dark depths of human nature and ambition.

And likely this won’t be the last we hear of Mr. James Brien Comey Jr.!

The guy who predicted Comey’s memos thinks Comey may be trying to take down Trump

I was at DOJ at the time, and what it told me was Comey had the presence of mind to write the email in the first place, print a copy of it when he left the department, sit on it for four years and be ready to give it to a reporter when someone questioned why he had signed off on torture. … I remember watching it and thinking, “This is very instructive of how Comey operates inside a bureaucracy.”

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