However this still indicates, with “number two and three” that there _is_ a sexist element still…
Michael Moldenhauer

Sure, if by “sexism” we’re interpreting ‘number two’ to mean low self-esteem is always a ‘gender’ problem, and that ‘number three’ means it’s OK to have a bias against male techies (aka, “must purge all techno-nerds, must purge all techno-nerds…)?! ;-p

Harvey Mudd’s President, Maria Klawe compiled her own research and offered a more substantive explanation, “We’ve done lots of research on why young women don’t choose tech careers and Number one is they think it’s not interesting. Number two, they think they wouldn’t be good at it. Number three, they think they will be working with a number of people that they just wouldn’t feel comfortable or happy working alongside.”

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