How Did Marriage Become a Mark of Privilege?
The New York Times

Teen pregnancies also seem to be much more common and even acceptable now among working class communities. As a landlord, am often surprised how many young single women applicants I get, barely into their 20’s, and already with at least one child they’re clearly struggling to support… and sometimes even another ‘on the way’. But no dad around, and when I check the credit, there’s also frequently no sign of any child support payments either. Instead the woman’s mom or grandparents are sharing much of the childcare, while welfare pays the rent. And the young blue collar men often aren’t any better, with some having ‘sired’ several of these kinda fatherless kids before they even hit their 30’s, and in many areas this has become an entrenched and multi-generational way of life.

But most of all I get the sense that it’s simply the only avenue for these women to find any “meaning” in their young lives, especially in small communities with few other options. And naturally it’s a good source of “attention” too…. but all at a steep ‘price’.

32 Shocking Facts And Statistics About Teenage Pregnancy

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