Mateo, I’m not terribly familiar with foreign equity markets as most of my focus is on U.S.
David Cappelucci

Thanks much for the Indo ETF tip, which I was unaware of. And dunno if it qualifies as ‘due diligence’ either, but I agree with your ‘gut’. IMHO Indonesia has a lot to offer, though it’s still relatively ‘below the radar’, unlike the other Asian ‘tiger’ economies. And among other things, I really admire the culture’s instinct for hand craftsmanship in whatever they apply themselves to.

For example as a cigar buff, have noticed that Indonesian tobacco leaf is starting to compete with Central America, while enterprising cigar companies here and in Europe have even been installing factories there and training local Indonesian workers. And by all accounts, the trained locals are very quickly learning to roll cigars well enough to compete with their Caribbean counterparts!

Also somewhat related, but I retired from an Avionics Division of Honeywell, where they made the electronic widgets for commercial aircraft (like Collision Avoidance systems, Navigation, Radar, “black boxes”, etc.). And Indonesia (being mostly made up of islands) is both a major customer and a growing player in Aerospace these days. In fact just a few years ago, Honeywell began outsourcing the majority of their domestic avionics manufacturing over to Indonesia.

International REITs, what an interesting concept. I suspect the taxes and rules involved in owning foreign real estate might require some research. But hmmm…also makes me wonder if those international trips to view the property might be tax deductible?! ;-)

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