It is true that there’s still Germans who want to avoid and deny their family’s personal…
Brian Sapper

That’s true, the Southern version of De Nile is pretty much “in your face”. But of the younger Germans I’ve met, have also been surprised how often they seem to become ‘agitated’ and defensive whenever the subject even comes up, like “why are we discussing this…that was another time, and this has nothing to do with me”. Yet Germans had (still have?) a certain “culture” that arguably “pre-disposed” them, just as the nature of Southern culture and history still lends itself to racial prejudice. But nobody ever talks about that part, and IMHO any credible ‘remorse’ also needs to come with some evidence of at least a bit of “soul searching”.

So their different “styles” seem more like the difference between the active in-your-face kind of aggression, vs its much more subtle kin, passive aggression. Though I agree, the latter kind is certainly a lot less “overt”.

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