You Just Don’t Know What Feminism Means
Leslie Loftis

There are lotsa different notions about ‘feminism’, and have always appreciated the distinction that Camille Paglia and Christina Sommers make between ‘equity feminism’ and ‘gender feminism’.

An equity feminist — and Camille and I both are equity feminists — is you want for women what you want for everyone: fair treatment, no discrimination. A gender feminist, on the other hand, is someone like the current leaders in the feminist movement: Patricia Ireland and Gloria Steinem and Susan Faludi and Eleanor Smeal. They believe that women are trapped in what they call a sex-gender system, a patriarchal hegemony; that contemporary American women are in the thrall to men, to male culture. And it’s so silly. It has no basis in American reality. No women have ever had more opportunities, more freedom, and more equality than contemporary American women. And at that moment the movement becomes more bitter and more angry. Why are they so angry?

And BTW, when we make equality dependent on gender, or anything else for that matter, doesn’t it become just another excuse for ‘entitlement’ (aka, narcissism)?

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