That is the scariest thing facing us today.
Sapere Aude

True about the internet, tv and ‘real life’, and to a great extent I think all successful tech is essentially ‘narcissistic’ anyway, as it’s usually judged by how well it supports our individual needs and personalities (aka, ‘customization’).

Arguably western consumer culture also does much the same thing, through our consumer choices, to the point that “I am my 4x4 pickem-up, GAP jeans, Harley, BMW, pure-bred Lhasa Apso, McMansion, National Review subscription, ACLU membership, etc….!”

BTW, I live in ‘Kalifornia’, pretty much Ground Zero for narcissism (and a whole lotta other weirdness…lol)! Though as to the issue of “what’s normal” anymore, a friend once said that the way we all deal with “diversity” here, is everyone just ignores each other! ;-D

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