Watch out with that comment, my friend.
David Fiske

Um, remind me again where anyone called Scots-Irish folks ‘stupid’ or ‘short-sighted’ (though maybe I shoulda mentioned that characteristic chip on the shoulder, as in the title of Webb’s book)?

BTW, for folks with such a strong sense of ‘self-identity’, how come they always seem to wanna remain relatively ‘invisible’ and ‘unnamed’, especially when they’re obviously a unique culture with their own values and traditions, just as surely as Jews, Italians, Hispanics, African Americans or any other?

And they’ve fought most of our wars and highly influenced our music, among other things. So it’s not like they have nothing to be proud of… and if it’s not resentment, low self esteem, that fierce independence, or maybe feeling like they’re our real ‘Muricans, then why so ‘shy’ about being identified (at least until they feel ‘disrespected’… usually by outsiders)?

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