A History and Future of the Rise of the Robots
R. David Dixon Jr.

Unfortunately not many folks seem to know what to do with themselves without a ‘job’, which in most cases also provides their social life, sense of identity and ‘meaning’. Shortly before I retired, often took note of the folks who ‘preceded’ me into retirement and how they handled it. And was always surprised how many returned again and again after they left, just to say ‘hi’ and to ‘see how everyone was doing’. But you could also sense a clear feeling of “loss”. And often they were the very same ones who bitched the loudest when they were still working!

BTW, luv the phot0-illustration, and it kinda captures what I’ve always suspected is the true ‘heart’ of most ‘detail-oriented’ and uber-fussy hipsters (yeah, I know…. “hey you kids, get offa my lawn”)! ;-p

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