I admit he is not the smooth museum piece professional politician, but that is one of the main…
Louis Weeks

I also have not seen any sign of unbound faith in Trump


He can be crazy and hard on the media and stuff and as long as he keeps those 4 main promises nobody will care.

And that’s the point… is there anything at all he could do that would “shock or outrage” his supporters (as long as he appears to be fulfilling his campaign promises)? Because if they don’t seem to have any commonsense ‘boundaries’ either, then that kinda leaves it up to the rest us, doesn’t it?!

BTW, I’m pretty sure it’s about way more than the “media” and “lib-ruls” when a new POTUS is already facing open rebellion from the Joint Chiefs, CIA, Dept of Homeland Security, and Federal Judges (among others).

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