I think you’re confusing conservatives with the Klan.
Rüdiger Thiede

Well, we can ‘parse’ things out whether it’s the ‘Klan’, Fundies, the Alt-Right, whatever, and we can also argue all day over what “true conservatism” is, but it’s still pretty safe to say that none of that long xenophobic list of “enemies” might be considered a lib-rul thang.

And as far as ‘socialism’, at least there seems to be lotsa countries where that succeeds in one form or another, and often with much more radical taxation and social policies than here. So if conservative approaches are so swell, then how come the poorest and least educated states and counties are mostly the ‘Red’ ones… and in fact we’ve yet to hear of any other country where conservatism actually works (presumably not counting the conservative infatuation with Russia and Putin these days)?! ;-p

Republican Poverty: 93 Of The Poorest 100 Counties In America Are in Red States

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