“I really enjoy my ‘clients’ as people, especially for their often amazingly upbeat attitude…
Mya Marie Swint

Yeah, I understand what you’re saying. But why feel badly for helping someone put their own problems in perspective and recognize that everything is ‘relative’? And if you feel it’s out of ‘pity’, etc., perhaps that might be so… but not necessarily, and maybe you’re just making some ‘assumptions’ yourself.

Because it’s not just disabled folks… we all admire anyone who’s survived, and even thrived, despite cancer, a heart attack, losing a loved one, a huge financial loss, whatever. And sure, they just did whatever they had to, but it’s still a fact that not everyone copes as well. In fact I have two clients with almost identical disabilities, and one continually gets bogged down in self-pity, while the other doesn’t allow it to slow him down a bit. So should I not admire the latter’s attitude, even though he probably thinks nothing of it?

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