Do you mean for apps?
Brendan Jones

Yeah, though not a ‘developer’ myself, when I first heard of the concept of “object-oriented” programming, with its separate bits of sorta ‘self-contained’ code for various functions and tasks, as an artist my first imagining (but obviously not quite an accurate one) was naturally very ‘visual’… of a kind of ‘white board’, onto which one could drag-and-drop various graphic icons (customizable of course), each representing some programing function within a larger custom-designed app.

And all of ’em would not only be ‘arrangeable’ according their particular sequence and use, but once their ‘task’ and order were determined, then they could be individually transferred (aka, dragged-and-dropped again) onto easily designed custom screen graphics which would then become the final app and GUI. Kind of like a glorified and interactive ‘image map’, and also similar to the way Maker folks assemble more complex widgets out of Arduino modules and semi-’intelligent’ Raspberry Pi arrays.