I Was Wrong about Trump Voters
Michael Baharaeen

Yes, “Identity Politics” really carried the day for the Trumpsters. And while racism, xenophobia, religion and authoritarian tendencies definitely played a part, those are also just a portion of the ways that Trump voters choose to ‘identify’ themselves. Though IMHO, and not often mentioned, is the role of “self-esteem” that underlies all those insecurities… within a demographic that’s always had a ‘yuge’ chip on their shoulder to begin with.

So as others have mentioned, the only answer seems to be for Dems to either settle their differences and go to the polls in their true numbers… or else come up with a national leader who ‘speaks the language’ of blue collar populism, gets their anger, and offers them some genuine Hope for feeling better about themselves and their lives. Though they may not be ready for even that yet, leastwise until they’ve finally soured on their current ‘Savior-in-Chief’.

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