Yes. Rabin was murdered by a crazed, supposed Jewish right winger.
Joshua Sanders

Yes, we’ve heard of these “Double Standards” before. So whenever extremist Jews decide to “take action”, it’s just an ‘anomaly’ (aka, the ever-popular “Crazed Lone Gunman” excuse, with no accountability whatsoever by the extremist RW culture that spawned him).

Oh, and any atrocities they commit are irrelevant anyway, usually owing to some arbitrary ‘Time Limit’ or “Statute of Limitations” (usually decided by his ‘apologists’).

Yet somehow any Muslim ‘bad actors’ are always a reflection on the entire religion and culture… even going back to when it was founded!

In other words, any Jewish extremists are “special” cases, while all Muslims are bad and all of Islam must be held accountable.

Thx, got it (and sadly, it even sounds kinda ‘familiar’)!

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