Flashes of Japan

Traditions, ramen, temples, bicycles, ryokans, vending machines, matcha, lanterns, rice balls, anime, markets, onsens, street food, sushi, trains…

These are just a few of the things that come to mind, in flashes of sorts, when thinking about my time there. I haven’t fully processed everything I saw and experienced, so there aren’t any well formed thoughts, but I wanted to think out loud to try to pin down the images floating around in my head.

It’s all so unique and authentic and just so JAPAN, it has left my head buzzing days after returning home.

The level of thoughtfulness that goes into the smallest details (locks for umbrellas, no phone zones in particular sections of subway cars…) has me looking more closely and appreciating the minor details carefully woven into my surroundings.

Below are a few unedited photos I took with my new camera (a Contax G1), which show my best efforts of capturing what stood out, and also what hid in plain sight, that make Japan and Japanese culture so special.

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